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Artist Statement

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At the moment there has been a central focus on my new project focusing on Shia La Beouf's Statement "I Am Not Famous Anymore". I have changed it to I Am Not Shia La Beouf Anymore. Please see more details on my Performance Page.

The statement of "I am Not Shia La Beouf is shocking and odd enough even before it is added to a child's face. The painted nature of it somehow creates a surreal tribal mask, it asks questions as to what is it really hiding? It could also be seen as an examination of how fame is seen, portrayed and manipulated by media.  

I gained full permission from the Mother and Child to use this Photograph. 

I experiment with the camp topics of drag queens, the trans community, gender and the shadow self. This enables me to question my own identity as well as the masquerade in its many forms and elements of identity.